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If you have suffered an injury or illness that has changed your mobility or functioning, you may be wondering how you can still hold onto your independence. Occupational therapists in New Jersey are always pleased to start working with a new client and helping them to build independence and regain their functioning. Here’s how in-home occupational therapy from NJ’s best rehabilitation company is a part of this goal!

Occupational Therapy Helps You Care For Yourself

If you’ve always sworn to yourself that you would never let anyone else care for you, recovery and rehabilitation times can be very frustrating. Once you come home from the hospital, you may think “am I really going to let someone help me with that?!” Daily living tasks like getting up from bed, dressing yourself, caring for your hair, bathing, and yes, even using the toilet may be things that you need to learn how to do differently. Your occupational therapist in NJ will get you back to caring for yourself like you want to, so you can feel more comfortable.

Maintain Your Normal Lifestyle with In-Home Occupational Therapy Services in NJ

Occupational therapy does so much more than just “get you going.” It helps you return to your normal lifestyle—or, as we put it “doing the work of living.” That might mean finding a way to get down to the ground to clean your cat’s litterbox after a hip replacement. It might involve learning how to budget your energy so you can cook your favorite meal. Whatever you do, an occupational therapist in NJ can help.

Return To Work, Hobbies, or Leisure With an OT Consult

Recovery means different things to different people—if your recovery involves returning to work, hobbies, or leisure, you may find that things work a little differently than they used to. Consulting with an occupational therapist in NJ can help you learn to do these things you love once again. Many people are surprised that OT can help with driving skills, hobbies, or recreational activities—these are all a part of your life, and all a part of our work!

If your functioning has changed, don’t just accept it. Consult with your medical or recovery team and an in-home occupational therapist from the Home Rehab Consultants and you’ll be back to what you love in no time.