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Falls are a major challenge for people with vestibular dysfunction, as well as many older adults in Bergen County. Physical therapists are an important tool in fall prevention, and work with you directly in your home to increase safety and prevent the future risk of falls. Keep reading to see how important it is work with a physical therapist to prevent your risk of falling or tripping!

Falls: A Big Risk
For adults over 65, more than one-third of the population will experience a fall each year. Of these, 20-30% will experience a moderate or severe injury requiring attention. Falls greatly decrease one’s quality of life by causing pain, limiting mobility, and often robbing people of attention. While younger people are less likely to fall, and less likely to be injured during a fall, those with dizziness, vestibular dysfunction, or mobility limitations from injury or stroke are also at risk.

Move Differently to Move Better
How do physical therapists in Bergen County help you move better? By introducing balance and stretching exercises that help you stay upright and increasing mobility. For example, your physical therapist may work on tasks such a moving from a seated position to standing, practicing moving side to side with agility, and may work on specific parts of your body, such as hips and legs, to ensure that you are moving these body parts successfully to support your weight. Specific exercises to strengthen various muscles can help you feel more sturdy as you walk.

Assistance—in the form of Devices
When schedule an appointment in Bergen County for physical therapy, your physical therapist may work with you to learn how to use assistive devices appropriately. For example, for clients who use a walker or can, your physical therapist can help you adjust the device to the proper height, replace or add rubber tips to the ends to increase your grip, and help you learn the appropriate techniques for moving with the device. For those newly using a wheelchair, physical therapists can help you learn how to transfer safely and accommodate your home for the greatest independence.

Don’t let falls keep you down! If you live in Bergen County, physical therapists are available to meet with you right in your home, keeping you safer while reducing your risk of exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic! Call Home Rehab Consultants today to set up an appointment for physical therapy.