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If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, you may not feel like you used to. In fact, many people tell their speech therapists in NJ “I just can’t get it together!” After the brain has suffered a trauma, such as a stroke that robs it of valuable oxygen, you may find that you struggle more to find the words you want to say, to organize and plan your day, or to solve problems. You know you’re a bright person, but lately, it feels like you’re scrambling around all the time. Here’s how speech therapists in Englewood NJ can help!

Address Word-Finding

Whether you stutter over your words or just can’t find that word that’s taunting you from the tip of your tongue, a speech therapist can help. Whether this involves tools to get the word out physically, to remember conversations, or to compensate by using other words, a skilled speech therapist can help you rebuild your confidence.

Boost Short-Term Memory

Short term memory is often affected after strokes. Once you learn information, it stays in your head, but getting it in there is the challenge. Speech therapists can help you learn new concentration and memory tools to improve your short-term memory.

Help with Executive Functioning

Professionals refer to executive functioning as “the secretary of the brain.” This is the part of your brain that remembers your anniversary, reminds you to take out the trash before trash day, and that helps you figure out where you should start when you want to organize your closet. For many who have survived strokes, your secretary is “always out to lunch.” A skilled speech therapist in NJ can help you rebuild these organization and planning skills, as well as use other tools like technology or visual reminders, to maintain your independence.
These are just a few of the ways a speech therapist in New Jersey can help you to think clearly again! For more ideas and a plan customized to your needs, call Home Rehab Consultants in Englewood NJ today!