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When most people think of physical therapy, they think of someone recovering from an injury, such as a broken leg, or a torn rotator cuff. However, when you seek physical therapy in Englewood, NJ, you can address much more than just injury! Here are five lesser-known
problems that physical therapy services can help you address, so you can get back to living your life!

#1: Manage Pain. Pain can arise from many causes, including old injuries, degenerative conditions, overuse, and improper posture. As more doctors are realizing that opioid painkillers are doing more harm than good, patients are seeking alternative means of managing pain. A physical therapist can visit you in Englewood to assess your situation and provide tools such as
stretching and exercises that can help to manage this pain naturally. Even more, unlike the painkillers, physical therapy might work to actually correct your problems when used in conjunction with a proper medical treatment plan.

#2: Skip the Surgery. Physical therapy doesn’t just help manage pain, it improves functioning. Sometimes, this can be enough to keep you from having to have surgery! While physical therapy can be a trying and difficult process, the benefits of not having to have anesthesia, wound care, and increased risks is so important.

#3: Increase Independence. While your physical therapist in NJ wants to see you regain 100% of your mobility and ability, this is not always possible. However, experts can help you be the most independent you can be! For example, clients who are newly living in a wheelchair can benefit from physical therapy services that help you transfer independently or manage your daily living tasks as independently as possible.

#4: Mitigate Diabetes. Physical therapy cannot treat diabetes, but it can help to manage some of the symptoms. For example, many people with diabetes struggle to find appropriate exercises, or with circulation issues in their feet and legs. A physical therapy can visit you at home in Englewood NJ to help you move more, learn low-impact exercises and stretches, and learn techniques to care for feet and promote circulation.

#5: Stop Spinning. Dizziness, vertigo, “the spins,” whatever you call it, feeling this way is the worst! Professional physical therapists can help with these vestibular issues and help you stay safer from falls. A combination of work to indentify triggers for dizziness, modifying the home environment for safety, and working on physical maneuvers to address dizziness can keep the
world from spinning around you.

Are you ready to start your recovery? Don’t waste time or visit an office full of potentially sick people. Keep yourself safe while recovering at home in Englewood NJ with physical therapy services right in your home!