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Many people don’t realize it, but the female body has unique needs. If you are a woman, physical therapy is probably something you are familiar with for back pain or recovery after an injury. You may not know that the best physical therapists in Englewood NJ do women’s physical therapy to address specific women’s health issues! Keep reading to see how physical therapy can help!

Pregnancy Pains
Pregnancy isn’t the most comfortable time in most women’s life, but if you are experiencing lower back pain during pregnancy that interferes with your ability to get light exercise, shower, or sleep, you need help! Don’t suffer with that pain until the baby arrives, check the available listings in Newark for women’s physical therapy.

Do you have to pee “all the time?” Do you ever experience some leakage when laughing, coughing, or sneezing? Many women present to their gynecologist with these problems, and some even see a urologist (a specialist in urinary health). But when doctors find “nothing wrong” or just want to prescribe medications that cause dehydration, remember that you have another option! A women’s physical therapist in NJ can help you asses your whole health, including your pelvic floor and muscles, helping you to “hold it” in the future.

Pelvic Pain
Speaking of the pelvis, did you know that about 15% of women of childbearing age experience pelvic pain? Many people don’t like to talk about it, nor do they like to think about painful sexual intercourse or pain during pelvic examinations. Pelvic pain can stem from many different health conditions, so it is important to get checked out by your regular doctor, but managing this pain can be much easier when you add women’s physical therapy.
Don’t let pain and health problems hold you back from doing what you love most! Make an appointment today for physical therapy in Englewood NJ and start finding relief now!

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