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Has your doctor or medical team suggested you consult with an occupational therapist in Englewood, NJ? For those who have experienced a decline in abilities, occupational therapy can be an important part of recovery and living your best life. While you can do this in an office, many skilled occupational therapists in Englewood NJ and other areas are dedicating more energy and times to in-home services. Read on to find out the top reasons why in-home occupational therapists are in high demand!

Fact: 60% of falls happen at home.
Your home seems safe, but not if you are at risk of falling! Falls can be due to clutter, pets, loose carpeting, lack of balance, mobility challenges, vision problems—well, pretty much anything, but when you have an occupational therapist in Englewood NJ visit your home for at-home services, you can feel confident that they will help to address any and all of these causes! With a combination of lifestyle modifications and activities, such as installing safety railings and recommending balance exercises, at-home occupational therapists help clients to reduce their risk of falling.

Fact: almost 90% of seniors report that they want to age at home.
There is something so peaceful about the idea of aging in place, growing old in familiar walls. But for many seniors, their once-comforting home can be a huge danger sign! Stairs are the biggest challenge for most, but don’t forget slippery hard floors, getting in and out of the bathtub, or having to stand in the shower. An occupational therapist won’t just help your loved one to live more safely, they’ll make the house itself as safe as possible. Installing handrails, assessing safety, and using other adaptive devices is vital to being able to stay in place. Occupational therapists in NJ serve an important role in teaching their clients how to use these modifications safely and effectively.

Fact: 12% of seniors have severe vision problems—and twice as many will by 2050.
Vision loss increases the risk of accidental injury and mental illness! Don’t suffer in the dark, or let your loved one experience a decline in independence just due to vision loss. Call a skilled occupational therapist in Englewood to find effective solutions such as adding the right lighting, clearly marking things with stickers or other labels, using large print for medications or instructions, and so much more. Even if your loved one has relied on his or her eyes for decades, new skills can help to address some of that loss.
Fact: over 40% of seniors report loneliness.

Research shows that loneliness is a huge problem for our senior community. This is worsened with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has kept many elders isolated at home. An occupational therapist is more than just an expert—they are real, compassionate people who can serve as trusted confidants, emotional supports, and barriers to loneliness. You are not hiring a friend or a therapist, but a skilled professional who can also support your coping skills and emotions.

Ready to build independence or help a loved one to function better at home? Then start with in-home treatment when you hire an at-home physical therapist in Englewood NJ! Home Rehab Consultants has many ready and waiting for your call, so set up an appointment today!