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One of the best things you can do if you have experienced a loss of mobility is find a great Bergen County physical therapist! Physical therapists can help you increase your range of motion, move with more ease, and sometimes even help to relieve pain. But how does one get started with physical therapy services? Read on to find out!

Have a Mobility Issue
The first thing you need to start physical therapy in Bergen County is a mobility issue. This may be caused by a stroke, fall, motor vehicle accident, traumatic brain injury, arthritis, or any number of conditions. Sometimes, you may not have a clear diagnosis, but knowing “I used to be able to run and now I can only walk” tells you that something is up!

Visit Your Primary Care Provider and Specialists
Once you’ve noticed a problem with mobility or movement, the first thing you should always do is visit your general practitioner or primary care provider. They will do a standard exam to make sure your overall health is good, and focus on the problem you are having. They may refer you to a specialist, such as a knee surgeon, expert on arthritis, or someone else. Always follow these expert recommendations! Between your PCP and your specialists, they will advise a course of physical therapy based on your diagnosis.

Read Reviews and Ask Friends
Once PT is prescribed, it’s time to find the best physical therapist in Bergen County! Start off by reading reviews of local providers, or ask friends and family members if they have used any physical therapists in the past. Once you find an organization or provider who comes highly-recommended, give them a call to ask any questions you may have and to get a feel for your provider. They will usually ask for your medical diagnosis and other medical information so they can provide the best care.

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