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Mobility limits are a real pain in the neck—especially if you struggle with neck and shoulder pain! Physical therapy is an important option to treat neck and shoulder pain in a natural way that has long-lasting benefits. If you’re hesitating to schedule an appointment for physical therapy in Englewood, NJ, keep reading to see how much it could help relieve your pain!
Correct Posture
Unfortunately for many people with neck and shoulder pain, your posture plays a role. Maybe you slouch when you stand, perhaps you’ve been hunching over a laptop propped up on old magazines since March of 2020, maybe you keep tossing your long, beach-ready hair over one shoulder, or maybe you work at a labor-intensive job with lots of repetitive movements. In any of these cases, the way you hold your body could hurt you! Fortunately, experts in physical therapy in Hackensack can help you identify these stressful positions and learn new ways to move, relieving some of that pain.
Strengthen Muscles
Unlike what your mother may have yelled at you, simply “standing up straight” won’t always fix neck and shoulder pain. Physical therapy, on the other hand, can strengthen underused muscles, taking the strain off of the rest of your body. You won’t be a bodybuilder after working with a skilled physical therapist, but you will likely shift some of the work for your body, reducing that pain.
Loosen Up
For those with chronic pain or inflammatory conditions like arthritis, one of the biggest complaints is that they feel “stiff.” This may be subjective, meaning you feel stiff, but can still move, or objective, meaning that your stiffness is actually reducing your range of motion. The connective tissues in your neck, shoulders, and back work like rubber bands, and they can lose their flexibility. When you visit Bergen County for physical therapy, your physical therapist will help you find safe and effective ways to stretch and move.
Chronic pain makes it feel like you’ll never feel good again! Don’t let yourself fall into that trap—make an appointment today and start physical therapy for neck and shoulder pain! In New Jersey, expert physical therapists like those at the Home Rehab Consultants can come right to your home for physical therapy!

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