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Plenty of people are becoming familiar with occupational therapy and kids—after all, an occupational therapist is one of the first people you should hire for your child with sensory processing disorder or autism spectrum disorder. But how can occupational therapy help adults? Especially if you or a loved one are an adult with a cognitive disorder, occupational therapy service in Parsippany could help you live a better life. Read on to see what conditions may benefit from working with an occupational therapist, and what sorts of activities your occupational therapist may do!

Cognitive Disorders in Adults

One of the most common groups of people that occupational therapists in Parsippany work with is those who have suffered a neurological disease, disorder, or injury, suck as stroke, motor vehicle accident with brain injury, or multiple sclerosis. These disorders don’t just cause physical impairment, they often cause cognitive challenges such as problems with working memory, emotional regulation, speech, and planning. Those with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia or debilitating levels of depression or bipolar disorder, may find that their ability to socialize, plan a productive day, or stick with tasks limit their quality of life. Fortunately, occupational therapists in New Jersey are ready to help!

How OT Helps with Cognitive Disorders

Your occupational therapist in Parsippany has one major goal: To help you do what you want to do, and live the life you want to live! The first step is to set goals, or to figure out what you would like to accomplish. This can include basic daily living skills, such as performing hygiene on a routine or preparing simple meals so you can live on your own, or may include more complex tasks such as cooking your favorite gourmet meal from scratch, driving a motor vehicle, or returning to your previous job. Your occupational professional will use evidence-based, customized interventions to help you build and rebuild skills that have been lost. In cases where you cannot perform these tasks any longer, your occupational therapist will help you to devise alternative solutions. For example, if you are no longer able to drive, your occupational therapist can help you learn the bus routes.

No matter what you love to do most, don’t let it pass you by because you have started to experience cognitive challenges! Call Home Rehab Consultants today to find a skilled, in-home occupational therapist in New Jersey today!



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