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When many people think about speech therapy, they think immediately about services for children. Didn’t everyone have a friend who had to go to speech therapy in elementary school to fix their R, L, or TH sounds? But if you are an adult who needs speech therapy services in NJ, you may find that things are very different. Keep reading to find out how speech therapists in Parsippany work with adults.

Why Adults Need Speech Therapy

Adults can benefit from speech therapy for all kinds of reasons, but generally they are due to injury or illness. For example, those who have suffered a stroke often struggle to get words out and struggle with aphasia and memory problems. Their speech therapist may help with memory activities, organization and planning for speech needs, and word-finding skills. Those with facial trauma, such as from head-on motor vehicle collisions, often have physical damage that makes it difficult to form word or to eat. A speech therapist in Parsippany would work with these clients to make sounds clearly, swallow safely, and communicate effectively. Those with progressive illnesses that affect functioning, including dementia, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s, may find that their illness robs them of their speech. A speech therapist would help this client to assess their speech issues and provide guidance for correcting these problems.

Will Insurance Cover Adult Speech Therapy?

Unlike speech therapy for children, which usually involves developmental challenges such as stuttering, speech impediments, and speech-sound disorders, adult speech therapy services are typically only covered when they come along with an acquired or progressive condition, such as those described above. What does that even mean? If you’ve always had a speech impediment, you may struggle to get your insurance to cover speech therapy services. However, the speech therapists at Home Rehab Consultants would encourage you to talk with your regular medical team—if there is a medical necessity, your insurance usually cooperates. When you work with a great in-home rehab team, the administrative side can help you investigate!

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