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Are you tired? Really, really tired? Is it fatigue? Occupational therapists in Englewood NJ help their clients with so many challenges, but many people are surprised to hear that fatigue can be one of them. Defined as extreme physical and mental exhaustion, fatigue can occur after expending a lot of energy, like running a marathon or pulling a double-shift, or can be a problem in and of itself, with people reporting that they feel exhausted, tired, and worn-down from the moment they wake up. Fatigue is typically secondary to another condition, such as brain injury, neurological or autoimmune conditions, arthritis, cancer, and age-related decline. But you don’t have to live forever with fatigue! An occupational therapist can help.

A complicated, individual process
Fatigue does not look the same for two people. As such, working with a skilled occupational therapist can help you to identify your unique fatigue triggers and management tools. For example, your OT professional may ask specific questions about the times you feel fatigued, what you have been doing before the fatigue sets in, and what makes it better or worse. Helping you understand your challenges is one of the OT professional’s first goals.

Direct intervention
Not all fatigue has a direct, physical cause. Those with mental health issues often struggle significantly with fatigue, and those who have experienced injury or illness may be experiencing challenges related to painkillers, lack of exercise, or lack of stimulation. As counterintuitive as it may seem, exercise and physical activity can often improve fatigue in these cases, and your OT professional will help you determine ways to boost your activity level without increasing your fatigue.

Managing and planning
If you suffer from fatigue due to a health condition, you can’t always “fix it.” However, you can manage and plan accordingly to continue to live your best life! This is where your occupational therapist comes in. By carefully understanding your needs, your OT professional may help you structure your days differently so you feel the least fatigue when you need energy the most, or they may work to develop strategies to reduce your energy expense so you can use your energy where you need it the most.

Are you ready to get some of your energy back, or at least to manage your little spoon of energy as effectively as possible? Occupational therapists in Englewood NJ are ready to help you evaluate your fatigue and make the best you can of the energy you do have! Call Home Rehab Consultants today to set up your appointment for convenient in-home therapy services.