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From patients, to physicians, to physical therapists in Englewood NJ, many people are interested in the idea of strength-building. Could this be the right approach for you? Read on to find out more about what strength means in physical therapy, and how an expert in physical therapy in NJ can help you feel stronger!

About Strength Building
The idea of building strength, or strengthening weak muscles, has been around for decades. The idea is that a weak part of your body is more likely to be injured, or to cause injury, just like a weak leg on a chair increases your risk of the chair breaking and collapsing. This has shown to be true in some cases, but not for everyone. Often, the clients we see for physical therapy in Englewood have sustained injuries or developed repetitive patterns that cause damage over time—or, they are simply experiencing age-related decline. Strengthening certain muscles and skills can help, but only when used in coordination with a well-planned physical therapy and medical treatment plan.

What do I do?
There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to building physical strength, or to recovering lost mobility. Instead, you will work with a skilled physical therapist who can evaluate your unique condition. They may show you how to use weights and demonstrate the proper way to lift or pull these weights to work and strengthen the right muscles. Many at-home rehabilitation specialists work with what you have—coordinating exercises around your home furniture, or supplying you with simple and easy-to-use tools such as resistance bands and exercise blocks. You can find many videos on the internet for specific skills, but why risk doing something wrong and hurting yourself worse? Coordinate with a professional in physical therapy in NJ to see the best results.

Feeling “Weak” in General
Sometimes, clients will call their physical therapist and say that “everything” feels weak. This can sometimes be a physical therapy problem, but can also be related to sheer exhaustion, illness, or age-related fatigue. If you ever notice a significant change in your energy level that lasts more than a day or two, or if you notice sudden pain or weakness after performing an exercise or daily task, check in with your physician. A great treatment plan for physical therapy in Englewood NJ can help you to move better, but is always most effective when done in coordination with proper medical care.

Ready to start feeling stronger? Don’t waste time copying photos and videos on the internet—call Home Rehabilitation Consultants today and start working on a custom, individualized, at-home physical therapy program today!