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If you have suffered a stroke, injury, or other decline in mobility, you may need a professional to provide physical therapy. In Bergen County, you have many options available, so you can find the perfect solution to address your mobility needs. But what about the transportation, the driving—and that pandemic that’s been keeping many people safer at home through 2020? Fortunately, the best rehab professionals can come to you! When you choose in-home rehab services, a professional will visit your home in Bergen County for physical therapy in the safest way possible. Read on to find out more about how you can stay safer at home during your recovery!

Avoid the Crowds
Perhaps the biggest benefit of in-home physical therapy in Bergen County is that you get to avoid crowded areas and other people who may be sick. When you visit a traditional physical therapy office, there are usually other clients waiting for their appointments, and if you show up early—like if you get a ride from a friend or take public transportation—you may have to wait in a busy waiting room. When a physical therapist comes to your NJ home instead, you don’t have to worry about transportation, crowded elevators, or busy waiting rooms! Skilled rehab professionals come right to you.

Limit What You Touch
For most of our lives, we didn’t think much about what we touched. Now that contact precautions are important, we notice everything—from the car door handle, to the doors on offices or other buildings, to chairs and pens and clipboards, all those moments present an
opportunity for disease to pass. Limit what you touch and stay safer in your own home! When you seek in-home physical therapy services near you, you stay in your environment, and your rehab professional will bring equipment like stretching bands, exercise blocks, and more, right to your house for your personal use only.

Added Benefits
Reducing the physical contact with others as well as contaminated services is the perfect way to keep yourself safer during your home physical therapy course in NJ. But in-home services are great for even more reasons! Many of our clients have commented on how much easier it is to have a professional work in-home, as they can help address specific needs. Maybe your stairs have an unusual pitch and you would like to learn to manage those, perhaps you need assistance modifying elements of your home to support your recovery. In-home services allow your rehabilitation professional to work in your environment, making sure you have the best recovery possible. You never have to worry about transportation, and if you find yourself feeling easily fatigued, you will already be at home by the time your appointment has ended!

Don’t let your concern for safety keep you from recovering properly with physical therapy! Bergen County physical therapists are ready and waiting to help you on your recovery journey today.