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Remember being a little kid, when falls didn’t hurt much and never seemed to result in permanent injury? Physical therapy providers in NJ wish everyone could be as resilient! From little bodies that sit closer to the ground to greater flexibility, younger people tend to move better and recover faster in general. It’s how our bodies were made, so all those little falls while learning to walk don’t destroy us. But as we age, we tend to lose these same mobility skills. Are you ever simply “too old” for physical therapy? We certainly don’t think so—but read on to see why!

Normal Aging

Even if you are the healthiest, fittest, most careful individual on the world, your body will go through changes as you get older. Your tissues become less pliable, including skin that tears more easily, muscles that don’t stretch as far, and joints that creak and complain. The process is different for everyone, and while we all tend to show signs of aging year after year, some people show it sooner than others. It is normal for your body to age, but that doesn’t mean that you are not a candidate for physical therapy in Hackensack! In fact, it means you need physical therapy now!

Injuries and Aging

The other major challenge that we face to mobility as we age is the impact of injuries. Remember that time you broke your leg in third grade? Surprise—it’s back to visit in the form of pain, arthritis, and can even affect other parts of your body. Even worse, older bodies break easier, meaning that same slip and fall that would have had you cursing and continuing your run 20 years ago now comes with serious consequences. As if this isn’t bad enough, your body heals more slowly as you age, keeping you stuck recovering for longer. It’s not all bad, though—physical therapy can help you move again!

Physical Therapy At Any Age

If you haven’t picked up on the clues, the experts in physical therapy in Hackensack think that physical therapy can help at any age! You may never run like you did when you were in college, or even move like you did 10 years ago, but if you have mobility challenges, physical therapy can help you minimize these and live your life to its fullest. Your bones, joints, muscles, and the rest of your body have no idea how to read a calendar, and you shouldn’t let a number get in your way!

If you or a loved one have experienced mobility loss or changes in mobility due to injury or normal aging, don’t accept these limitations! Call Home Rehab Consultants and start physical therapy in Hackensack today!



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