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Memory is an illusive concept; it frames our whole lives, and yet even the best neuroscientists still don’t understand it. But when it fails you, you know. Fortunately, an occupational therapist in New Jersey can help. Many people don’t know what an occupational therapist is, or how they help with memory, but we’ll share a few tips today that should help you get familiar. Remember: occupational therapists focus on helping you do what is important to you. Here are some memory tasks that an OT professional in Bloomfield can help with!

1. Forgetting hygiene or daily living tasks
Did you forget to put clean socks on again? Does your aging parent seem to be skipping meals and losing weight? Daily living tasks like hygiene, eating, and basic household care typically become routine during the early teenage years, and by the time we hit adulthood, most people aren’t thinking about them regularly. Unfortunately, this can lead to forgetting. An occupational therapist can work with you to develop strategies to build better routines, and help you find ways to cue yourself to get them done!

2. Problems with working memory
Working memory is the memory that we hold vividly in our mind to do tasks with. For example, when someone says “what’s alike about a banana, a pineapple, and an orange?” your working memory helps you remember those words so you can come up with the right answer. Working memory is easily affected by breaks in concentration, lack of focus, and distraction, which your occupational therapist in Bloomfield can help address.

3. Wandering
Do you have a loved one who wanders, or have you found yourself wandering away from home and getting lost? For many older adults, this signals the end of independence, and takes a huge toll on self-confidence! If wandering only happens sometimes, such as when you take medications, or at night, there are tools to help you stay independent. Special alarms on your bedroom, check-ins with loved ones, and technology can help you keep living safely on your own, and an occupational therapist in NJ can help you find the right ones.

Occupational therapy helps you to preserve what is most important to you—what you love the most! If you or a loved one are struggling with decreased self-confidence and challenges with independence, talk with your doctor and see if an occupational therapist in Englewood NJ can help!

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