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Long COVID, a newly-identified medical condition, is drawing attention of speech therapists in New Jersey. While little is known about this disorder, caused by the lingering effects of infection with COVID-19, early investigations have found that many people continue to experience “brain fog,” including disruptive levels of memory and concentration challenges, occasional confusion, difficulty finding words or keeping up in conversation, and ongoing fatigue and shortness of breath, as well as a host of physical health challenges. For those who suffered very severe cases, such as those who were in a coma or experienced periods of no oxygen, there may even be a mild neurocognitive disorder underlying this “brain fog.” How can a speech therapist help?

Speech Therapy in NJ Helps You Find Words

One of the biggest speech challenges people report alongside long COVID is problems finding or saying the right words. You know the word you want to say—maybe you’re asking your partner to get you a cup of tea. But all of a sudden, it’s like the word “cup” has been erased from your brain! Speech therapists can help you find your words, accommodate around words you can’t come up with, and learn new strategies for fluent conversation.

Memory Fading? NJ’s Best Speech Therapist Help with Memory

If memory is your biggest challenge, you may be surprised to realize how much a speech therapist near you can help. This is particularly true for maintaining your ability to keep up and function in conversations with those you love. Whether you learn strategies to remember your point so you don’t have to interrupt, or tools to track conversations so you can participate, a speech therapist in NJ can guide you in the right direction.

Speech Language Pathologists Discuss Shortness of Breath

For those with more physical effects of long COVID, shortness of breath can majorly impact your lifestyle! If you’ve always been a talker, you may be very frustrated when you can’t say more than a sentence or two without stopping to catch your breath! While you should always continue to work with your medical team to address the underlying medical cause, your speech language pathologist in NJ can help you time, plan, and adapt to shortness of breath so you can speak more easily.
If your speaking or conversational abilities have changed as a result of long COVID or any other condition, don’t sit in silence. Call a team of in-home speech therapists in NJ to regain your speech!