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Some people cannot produce words after a stroke, or alongside the progress of dementia. Speech therapists in NJ can help with speech production and pronunciation, but what is more common is a loss of memory. For many people who have suffered a stroke, brain injury, or who are dealing with a progressive condition like dementia, your words are there and you can say them, but you don’t remember what you were going to say… or why… or to whom. Can a speech therapist help in this case? Absolutely. Keep reading to see how a skilled speech therapist in Bergen County can help with memory issues.

Plan and Organize

If memory challenges are interfering with your day, a speech therapist can help by teaching you strategies to plan and organize your time. For example, if you struggle to remember what your doctor tells you when you follow-up for visits, your speech therapist could work on strategies to compensate, like a dedicated notebook or voice recorder, or asking the provider for a printed note from the session. By planning for your memory needs in advance, you can preserve your independent functioning.

Mnemonics and More Memory Mastery Makers

What do you notice about the heading of this paragraph? Lots of “M”s! This is a mnemonic device, or a verbal tool that you can use to boost memory. When you work with a speech therapist in Bergen County, you’ll learn many of these and more! All memory is fallible, but people who use shortcuts and tricks are better able to remember things immediately, and after a delay.

Attend and Focus

In many cases, “memory” itself isn’t really the problem—concentration is. How can you boost your ability to listen, concentrate, or focus on conversations? Speech therapy in NJ can help. Your in-home speech therapist in Bergen County will help you learn and practice tools to boost your attention and focus, as well as helping to determine if there may be better times of day for you to undertake tasks that require a lot of attention.

Could you or a loved one use a memory boost? Try working with a speech therapist in NJ! Speech therapists at Home Rehab Consultants are waiting for your call.

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